A fool trusts his eyes. A wise man fears every rock is a deepstalker. ―Dwarven saying[1]

Deepstalkers, called tezpadam by the dwarves, are small lizardlike creatures found throughout the Deep Roads and underground caverns. They are vicious predators of the dark that carve small tunnels through the stone in search of prey, usually nugs.[1][3][4]

Appearance Edit

Scaled like a lizard but with the head and frightful maw of a worm, the deepstalker walks and leaps on two powerful hind legs and uses extended tail to stay balanced.[5] It is able to curl up into a ball that will be indistinguishable from the stone around it.[4]

Behavior Edit

Deepstalkers hunt in packs, generally by burrowing underground and then striking when their prey is in their midst.[1] Another common way is to camouflage themselves and when the bait is close to launch a surprise attack.[6][7] They run and jump at their victims, attacking with razor claws and lamprey-like mouths full of serrated teeth. If they encounter a group, deepstalkers do not attack unless they have a major numerical advantage, but instead they wait until someone from the group is separated.[7] Some deepstalkers are capable of spitting either acid or paralytic poison from venom glands.[5] Although a single deepstalker poses little threat to any experienced explorer, packs can be quite lethal.[3]

Deepstalkers are sometimes domesticated.[8]

Types Edit

Stalkers come in several types. Spitters have venom glands and can spit secretions that slow or injure their prey. Jumpers hurl themselves at their targets, knocking them down and making the kill easier. The most common variety scares and distracts its prey, allowing the rest of the pack to close in.[1][4]

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Abilities Edit

Dragon Age: Origins

Shriek Overwhelm Overwhelm
Scare Scare
Acid spit icon Acid Spit
Slowing spit icon Slowing Spit

Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • Cold Vulnerability
  • Electricity Vulnerability

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Longbow of the Griffon icon Tezpadam's BaneTezpadam's Bane
Unique Bow
Lyrium traces a delicate reinforcement of this bow's curve, promising true aim and swift death. Someone has made small notches along the limbs, counting hundreds of kills.
Requires: Level 21

Damage: 187-193
+12% Armor Penetration
+41 Dexterity
+7% Sunder on Hit
On kill: target explodes for 150% weapon damage

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